2018 Yamaha Waverunner Range Review

Yamaha Motor Australia has consolidated its position in the luxury performance watercraft segment, with a new-to-Australia FX Limited SVHO among its 2018 WaveRunner line-up.

The new flagship luxury three-seater model will be introduced alongside a broad palate of offerings with striking graphic and colour combinations previously unseen in Australia.

Yamaha Australia says its 2018 WaveRunner range is the most comprehensive line-up ever offered, catering for riders of all levels from beginners, weekend-adventurers, and family-riders to sports-enthusiast, racers, and serious tourers.

“Following from a year of achievements on the water with the successful-debut of the GP1800 and rec-lite EX series, it’s fantastic to witness the continued-evolution of the WaveRunner range with the new 2018 models,” said Mark Harman from Yamaha Motor Australia.

“Yamaha’s 2018 WaveRunner range is the most complete watercraft range ever offered and features arguably the most exciting and feature-packed models ever seen on Australian shores.”

The headline act for the 2018 WaveRunner range is the new-to-Australia FX Limited SVHO, a Luxury-Performance model that debuted in the USA in 2017 to much fanfare.

The 2018 FX Limited SVHO is the direct-evolution of the previous-generation FX Cruiser SVHO. The WaveRunner features four flush-mount mooring cleats and new CNC-cut deck mats, alongside Yamaha’s three-person Cruiser Seat, RiDE dual-throttle controls, and Rider-assist controls.

The FX Limited SVHO uses Yamaha’s exclusive “chop-conquering and dry-riding” FX hull, which is constructed from proprietary light-yet-durable NanoXcel 2 hull and deck material.

Powering the new FX Limited SVHO is the industry’s largest-capacity personal watercraft powertrain — Yamaha’s Supercharged, 1.8 litre, four-cylinder, Super Vortex High Output (SVHO) marine engine.

The SVHO’s power is transferred to the water through the “race-developed” top-loader intake grate and a 160mm high-pressure pump. Yamaha says this gives best-in-class acceleration and eye-watering top-speeds.

2018 FX SVHO Limited Yamaha WaveRunner

2018 FX SVHO Limited Yamaha WaveRunner

The 2018 WaveRunner range is said to feature Yamaha’s most visually appealing designs ever seen on the water. The idea here is to increase the ‘ski’s appeal to the up-and-coming younger generations.

The 2018 Luxury Performance range is led by the FX Limited SVHO in Crimson Red and Black Metallic, followed by the FX SVHO in White with Torch Red Metallic, the FX Cruiser HO in Black Metallic with White, and the FX HO finished in Azure Blue Metallic with White.

2018 FX HO Cruiser Yamaha WaveRunner

2018 FX HO Cruiser Yamaha WaveRunner

The 2018 recreational-lite range features the fun and exciting EX and EX Deluxe (our review) WaveRunners. These two models have reshaped the entry-level market for Yamaha, with plenty of features, refinement and value.

The 2018 EX is available in White with Blue, along with Electric Green with Carbon Metallic, and an all-new Nova Blast Blue Metallic.

Yamaha’s Recreational range of value-packed, full-size 2018 VX series consists of three models; the flagship VX Limited finished in Crimson Red with Black Metallic, the VX Deluxe in Azure Blue with Black Metallic and the entry-model VX in Electric Green with White.

2018 VX Yamaha WaveRunner

2018 VX Yamaha WaveRunner

THE GP1800
In its maiden year, the GP1800 rocketed to the top of the podium in domestic and international races, claiming the 2017 Pro-Stock Class Australian Title at the hands of Yamaha’s Mitch Wayt, and becoming the most successful watercraft on the circuit in 2017.

The GP1800 (our review) was heralded by racers and journalists alike as the new benchmark in Performance watercraft.

For 2018, Yamaha’s Race-Inspired range is led by the Championship-Winning GP1800, which is available in two colours for 2018; the quintessential Team Yamaha Blue and the striking Torch Red Metallic (opening shot above).

2018 GP1800 Yamaha WaveRunner

2018 GP1800 Yamaha WaveRunner

Complementing the Race-Inspired class is the light and powerful VXR, a WaveRunner that has conquered Naturally-Aspirated race classes around the globe. For 2018 the VXR will be available in two impressive finishes; a new Black with Azure Blue Metallic, and an unmistakable Matte Carbon with Black Metallic.

2018 VXR Yamaha WaveRunner - small

2018 VXR Yamaha WaveRunner – small

Rounding out the Race-Inspired class is the legendary SuperJet, the original and arguably still the only choice for stand-up riders seeking raw engagement and performance. For 2018 the SuperJet is finished in a new White, Green with Blue combination.

Yamaha WaveRunners are handcrafted in the USA with powertrains built in Japan to deliver reliability, innovation and performance.. The company claims to be the only manufacturer to offer a complete personal watercraft range from a stand-up model to a rec-lite range, a family-range and a performance-range, covering every rider.



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