2021 Race Inspired Series
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2021 Race Inspired Series

When it comes to having a finger on the pulse of recreational water craft, Yamaha is second to none and their 2021 new race inspired line-up proves just that. Based on a common engineering platform, the Yamaha VX series WaveRunner has received a complete redesign from the waterline up.

The all-new deck, beautiful and improved aesthetics, as well as the maximum storage, range of new innovative technologies and industry-first features, along with the amazing improved riding characteristics make this new Yamaha jet ski the one to be considering when purchasing your new cruiser. The new deck design allowing for better ergonomics and the new seat profile that enhances knee and foot grip and delivers second to none rider comfort. The race-inspired series from Yamaha shows that while you may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, you can certainly update the tricks to include everything a jet ski rider could want, whether your entry-level or not. Delivering sports performance like only Yamaha can, the VX series will no doubt satisfy even the most daring amongst jet ski pilots. Not to mention, if you’re looking for something to get your blood pumping as well as allowing you to enjoy a slower day, the VX Series comes with a multi-mount system positioned in front of the handlebars that allows for riders to set up their own third-party devices.

This means you can plug in your camera for an action replay, set up your GPS if you’re going for a longer cruise, enjoy the sound of the fish finder looking for your next catch, or enjoy the sound of your base pumping with your portable speakers. The Yamaha race-inspired VX Series will deliver on everything you could ask for in a performance driver watercraft as well as some extras are thrown in. For more great Jet ski Blogs go to www.waverunner.com.au or for more information on our 2021 Waverunner range please call +61 (0)7 5529 1855

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