What to Check Before Buying a Used Ski!
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What to Check Before Buying a Used Ski!

Recreational jetskis can be a great addition to your family, with their blend of sports and performance, whether your entry-level or professional, a jet ski can transform your entire summer. However, when you’re looking to buy a jetski there are a few key things to be on the lookout for and here we detail how to get the best price guarantee out of a used jetski and what to be on the hunt for when purchasing these great recreational marine vessels.
One of the first things to check for is damage to the jetski. This might seem obvious, but if you’ve never bought a used jetski before you may not know what you should be looking for.

Any obvious signs like seats that are discoloured or torn can mean that the jetski hasn’t been kept under a cover by its previous owner, and this can mean that if they haven’t been using a cover there’s a possibility that the maintenance of the vessel hasn’t been kept either. If you notice any of those signs, ask the owner straight away for the maintenance history, and if they can’t produce it walk away quickly. Checking for rust is another important aspect of buying a used jet ski. These cruisers are in the saltwater a lot and if they haven’t been adequately cleaned after use by their owners, there’s likely to be rust around the hull or engine. Check this thoroughly so you know you’re not buying something that’s just going to break down on you later.

The best advice we can give is this: If you’re thinking about buying a used jetski, head to a dealer. Dealers like Gold Coast Waverunners have the experience and professional know-how to get you exactly what you’re looking for. They’ll ask you the right questions to source the right sort of jetski you’re after, whether it be small and agile or a larger family model, and the best part is, they’ve already done the damage and rust checks, so you know you’re in good hands. When you buy a used jet ski through a dealer, you’re going to get the best price available and you can purchase the cruiser knowing you’re backed by trained professionals. For more great Jet ski Blogs go to www.waverunner.com.au or for more information on our 2021 Waverunner range please call +61 (0)7 5529 1855

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