Top 5 Yamaha Accessories for Jet Skis
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Top 5 Yamaha Accessories for Jet Skis

If you’re a Gold Coast local, or even if you’re visiting for some sun, surf and fun, the best way to get out and experience the best that the Gold Coast has to offer is on your jet ski. You can explore the islands surrounding the mainland, cruise through the sparkling waters of the Broadwater, or, if you’re game for the thrill, head out to sea and take a turn in the deeper water. Whatever your interest on your watercraft, there are a few must-have accessories to equip your cruiser with. Here, we look at the top 5.
Number 5 is, without doubt, safety first and that means life jackets. Even if you’re an experienced jet ski rider you can still get caught in a dangerous situation. So, having a life jacket on you while cruising is one of the most important Yamaha accessories you can equip yourself with.

Number 4. Now that you’ve got safety out of the way, you can enjoy the fun stuff, but sometimes you need to keep that fun stuff dry. Enter the Yamaha WaveRunner storage pack! This little baby can hold your important bits and pieces that you need but don’t want to get wet. Phones and cameras are great to have out on the water for enjoying some tunes and capturing memories, but when they get wet you can land yourself in a whole world of trouble. With the Yamaha storage pack, your personal items are safe and dry, and you can get back to enjoying your jet ski.

Number 3 is another important one to keep your cruiser protected when not in use. The c means that when you’re not using your jet ski, she’ll stay clear of the sun so as not to ruin the paint and away from excess dirt, which means the jet ski lifecycle lasts a whole lot longer.

Number 2 is great if you love heading out for a full day on the water. A Yamaha FX Series or VX Series stern storage means you can take all the essentials for your day out on the water. This is a great accessory for anyone who enjoys fishing off the jet ski as well, as you can fit your gear in the stern and take off knowing you’ve got everything you need, ready and waiting to go.

Number 1 is pure fun and adrenaline. A Donut Tube is the perfect summer jet ski accessory if you’re heading out with friends for a day on the cruiser. Attach to the back of the jet ski, pop your friend on it and take off for a rush of pure speed.

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