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The Top 5 PWC / Jet Ski Accessories You Must Have

Purchasing personal watercraft accessories is some of the most fun you can have without actually getting out on the water. The list of toys and accessories are virtually endless these days but here we break down the top 5 best accessories that you need to get if you love to have fun on the water!

  1. Towable Tube One of the most fun accessories you can pack for your day out on your ski is a towable tube. This is especially a must have accessory if you’re heading out for a day with the family. Get the kids out on the towable tube and watch them have the time of their lives. Remember to be very careful as high speeds can be reached causing the tube to lose control easily, especially with cornering.
  2. Bungee Dock Line This baby is one of the best accessories that a personal watercraft owner could have. The convenience of tying off your ski with the bungee dock line rather than marine rope is second to none. Consider investing in one of these to make all your dockings that much easier and safer for you and your craft.
  1. Dry Bag There isn’t much more to say except if you don’t have a dry bag, you’re either new to the PWC life, or you just enjoy living on the wet edge. Ensuring you can keep all your valuables safe and dry is one of the top priorities when packing for any kind of ski adventure.
  2. PWC Cover Another important must have to add to your ski accessory list. The cover will ensure that the paint work on your ski doesn’t chip or crack or become weathered by any adverse conditions. It’s also an essential accessory if travelling long distances by road to your favourite ski spot as the damage from road debris can be significant. 
  1. PWC Cooler The final item on our list is a cooler. When you’re heading out for a day on the water, you want to be prepared to enjoy yourself. A cooler will keep your drinks cold, your food fresh and ready to eat whenever you are. An inexpensive fitted cooler bag strapped to your ski will make sure you’re able to carry the cooler easily and safely while out on the water, it couldn’t be easier, the perfect picnic or celebration awaits!

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