2021 Superjet WaveRunner
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2021 Superjet WaveRunner

Yamaha has consistently delivered outstanding jet ski cruisers and Waverunners throughout the years, and 2021 is no different. In fact, 2021 has seen the Yamaha Superjet take charge of this year’s line-up of cruisers. Redesigned with a wider hull, as well as “L mode” which is designed to facilitate learning, the Superjet is no longer just for the racers among us but is now allowing for a whole new generation of jet ski riders to enjoy the benefits of the race-inspired model while being safe and trustworthy, as has come to be seen of Yamaha as a whole. This cruiser’s 3-cylinder 4-stroke engine delivers a powerful combination of thrilling acceleration in those high-speed straights, that we’re all looking for, while not lacking in the agility, manouverability and control that customers have come to expect from the previous Superjets.

This ski will let you carve up those corners at the end of the long straights as you’ve never done before. With its 19L fuel capacity, it’s also not cutting corners on the long haul, which means that you can enjoy the waves for longer with the trust that you’re not going to run out of fuel in the middle of the water. And for those moments when the corners have just been a little too fine, the 2021 Yamaha Superjet has a new integrated reboarding grab holder now built into the deck, so you can always be sure you can get back on again.

This new Superjet also comes with a new three-position adjustable handle pole that can extend up to 50mm in length for those of you who look forward to the stand-up exhilaration of the race-inspired ride. This is also great for anyone who is learning jet ski skills for the first time, as it allows for a more comfortable position when learning.

This new 2021 Superjet is perfect for anyone who is an entry-level beginner at the jet ski watercraft excitement, or anyone who has been jet skiing for years. Regardless of your level of skill, every rider will enjoy the thrill of the new 2021 Yamaha Superjet Waverunner.
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