Routine Maintenance With GCWR’s
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Routine Maintenance With GCWR’s

Getting the jetski out is my favourite part of living on the Gold Coast. It doesn’t matter what season we’re in, there’s always the ability to pull the ski out on a clear day and have as much fun as possible on the water. I really love taking the cruiser out and pushing her to her limit, there’s no better feeling than when you get a clear run on the Gold Coast Broadwater where you can just go for your life.

Being able to cross the bar out to the ocean in my jetski is another huge plus of living where we live and I try to get out there at least twice a month. So, on a recent trip over the bar I noticed that my Yamaha was due for a service and probably wasn’t performing at her absolute best, so made the decision to put her in for a routine at Gold Coast Waverunners.

It was the best decision I made this winter. Not only is the team there friendly and knowledgeable, but they also use genuine Yamaha parts and recommended Yamalube lubricants. They made it super easy for me, with the ability to have the jetski picked up or serviced at my location of choice.

I dropped it into them and picked it up and when I took her out the next weekend she sounded pitch-perfect. Running smoothly and felt the best she has in ages. Having a service like Gold Coast Waverunners on the coast is so convenient and easy for the jetski community. Looking forward to seeing the team again at the next routine maintenance, but until then you’ll catch me out on the waves instead. 

For more great Jet ski Blogs go to or for more information on our Waverunner Services please call +61 (0)7 5529 1855.

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