Buying Our New WaveRunner!
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Buying Our New WaveRunner!

I’m a bit of a jetski lover and living on the Gold Coast is the perfect place to take advantage of that. Generally, I’m out on the Gold Coast Broadwater at least once a month, more in the warmer weather, and my wife likes to join me on the back. The VX Series is the perfect cruiser for us, but recently my wife made some noises about wanting to get her own ski so she can join me still but be a bit more independent.

As she’s probably more entry-level, we wanted to make sure we were purchasing something suitable and getting the right advice. I had a recommendation to have a chat with the guys at Gold Coast Waverunners and we weren’t disappointed. They took my wife seriously from the start and gave her great recommendations for what we were looking for in the beginner jetski field, as she was particularly concerned with safety being a single rider.

They took all her concerns onboard and were able to recommend the 2021 FX Series for safety and reliability but still with the fun of a faster cruiser. While we were in the market for a new jetski, they also let us take a peek at the pre-owned models that they had in stock that looked really well maintained.

In the end, we decided to go with our original plan of the new model and they were able to offer us genuine Yamaha finance and Yamaha insurance to go along with it, which was the icing on the cake. She’s been loving the FX Series and it’s so awesome to be able to head out on the water together and have some fun. Definitely would recommend the Gold Coast Waverunners crew to anyone that was looking for a new or used watercraft, I reckon they’re the best and my wife agrees.

For more great Jet ski Blogs go to or for more information on our 2021 Waverunners or Pre-owned Skis please call +61 (0)7 5529 1855.

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